Businessman – Civic Leader – Role Model

Committed, dedicated and involved. In any text or in any application, these adjectives offer a true and modest depiction of Enos Cabell. A man driven by an unyielding desire for perfection, and cognizant of his limitations, Enos Cabell has been on a lifetime track of achievement and accomplishment, and has framed his successes with honesty and integrity.

Born in Fort Riley, Kansas in 1949, Enos began developing impressive and powerful athletic skills at a very early age. His father Enos Sr., a member of the United States Army and his mother Naomi, encouraged and supported his athletic quests, many of which were in baseball including Little League.

At age 11, Enos and his family moved to Los Angeles, California, where in Gardena High School he became quite proficient in both baseball and basketball. In fact, he began to exemplify uncanny prowess and strength, and of course the fact that he was growing upward instead of outward, didn’t hurt.

Yet the sport that would garner him the most accolades and fame would be America’s game… baseball. Soon the world would come to know Enos Cabell in the game of baseball.

While attending Harbor Jr. College in California where he played baseball, Enos drew the attention of many major league scouts, and in 1969 he joined the Baltimore Orioles where he played until 1974.

In 1975 Enos Cabell, third baseman, first baseman, and sometimes outfielder, was traded to the Houston Astros and became one of the most popular and prolific players in the history of the organization, being selected the Astros Most Valuable Player in 1978, by the Baseball Writers Association of America.

While a member of the Astros, he set several club records: Most at bats in a season (660); Hits in a season (195); and Games played in a season (162). Enos was recently honored with induction into the Houston Astros Hall of Fame (Class of 1993).

His baseball career would take many professional turns as well as geographical. He left the Astros and played for the San Francisco Giants (1981 – 1982); the Detroit Tigers (1982 – 1984); a return engagement with the Astros (1985 – 1985) and finally with the Los Angeles Dodgers where he retired in 1988.

Immediately following his illustrative baseball career, Enos Cabell took on what would be an even greater challenge, the world of business. He joined the Bob Marco Buick automobile organization in Houston, where he gained tremendous knowledge of the automobile industry. This would become his new career, and like his baseball career, in this too he would become proficient and successful.

In March of 1991, in what has been described as an ingenious and creative financing plan, Enos Cabell and veteran Houston banker Jeff Ross successfully acquired Bob Marco Buick, Inc. Enos went on to buy out al his investors in November making him the sole owner of Cabell Motors, Inc. This effectively created the second largest Minority-Owned business in Texas, and the largest African-American Owned automobile dealership in the state.

As President and Chief Executive Officer of Enos Cabell Buick-Chevrolet-Geo-Mazda (Cabell Motors, Inc.), Enos handled the day-to-day operations of the dealership with a hands-on philosophy grounded in integrity.

Yet with all the demands of running a successful business, and even when he was committed to the rigorous schedule of professional baseball, Enos Cabell has an unswerving commitment to providing opportunity to the youth of his community, and he is totally dedicated to them.

He has served as the Chairman of the Board of the Superstar Foundation, a non-profit youth organization promoting solid academic achievement and proper athletic techniques for Houston area students. He was appointed to serve as a Regent on the Board of Directors for Texas Southern University by Governor George Bush of Texas in 1995. He also serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors for Texas Southern University.

Enos is an accomplished and avid golfer, and he uses this talent also to contribute to numerous fundraisers throughout the city. Enos can also be heard hosting a highly rated entertaining sports talk show on radio station KCOH-AM in Houston.

He has received numerous honors for his work with the Boy Scouts of America, American Cancer Society, United Negro College Fund, Houston Citizens Chamber of Commerce, and Kiwanis International.

Enos Cabell is a loyal and dedicated family man, his wife Kathy and their three sons, Stephen, Marcus, and Cordell life in Missouri City, just outside of Houston.